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"After a series of events in my life, I felt so overwhelmed and depressed about my cluttered and disorganized house that I didn't want to be there. I couldn't function and it was difficult for me to allow anyone to see it that way. But, when I met and talked with Roberta about what I needed, I felt very comfortable. She assured me we could get my house functional again. I was amazed and motivated by the progress we made in each session. Roberta gently kept me focused and guided me through each room, cabinet and closet. When I did get discouraged, she reassured me and kept me motivated.  She is kind, supportive and easy to work with. She is also focused and efficient, but caring at the same time.  I looked forward to our weekly sessions. The decision to seek Roberta's help and working together with her have changed my life! I didn't know if it was possible, but my home is now a welcoming, comfortable place for me and my friends to relax, watch movies and even cook in my organized kitchen. It has been a long project, but worth every minute of it!"

Sue S. from Milwaukee, WI

"I came to Waukesha from out of town to visit my family and to do some serious sorting of years and years of accumulated stuff in my dad's condo. I went into a panic because I was on a short timeline and had no idea where to begin. Organized Essentials to the rescue!  In two sessions, Roberta helped me sort through almost everything and helped me to understand the process of determining what to toss, donate, and keep. I honestly could not have done it without Roberta's help!

Jenny M. from Canada

"Thank you for all of your diligent work on my dad's estate sale. Everything was so organized and several people commented that they never saw such a carefully laid out sale. Your attention to detail was amazing. All the time and effort you put into this event was well worth it."

- John A. from Waukesha, WI

"Downsizing from my house of 56 years uncovered so many items for which there wasn't room in my apartment. Organized Essentials sold these valuables online, helping me to recoup some money while allowing others to enjoy things I no longer needed.  It was definitely a win-win situation!"

- Ruth A from Waukesha, WI

"I was more than overwhelmed when I had to prepare to move.  Overflowing closets, countertops and garage storage space were tackled by focusing on the specific task at hand, getting through the clutter one box at a time!"
- Beth S from Racine, WI

"As a working mother with three school-aged children, the amount of papers that flood my kitchen counter is overwhelming. Organized Essentials helped me restructure my daily filing system into a practical and convenient process I can actually use. Now, daily papers are neatly filed away and I can use my counter for food preparation again." 
- Betsy K from Waukesha, WI

"Finally, I can use my home office again! You not only made it look good, but it is extremely functional. I feel free to create again. A great weight has been lifted from my shoulders and my productivity is already going up! I can't thank you enough."

- Matt M from Walworth, WI

"Thanks for being so gentle in the process! I was a bit scared to let someone take such an up close and personal look at our lives, but you were not the least bit judgmental or intrusive. I actually enjoyed sorting stuff once you got me started!"

- Laurie T from Grafton, WI

"I can't believe how much we got done in just 2 hours. Working with Organized Essentials was like having a personal trainer who motivated me to achieve my goals!"

- Susan W from New Berlin, WI

"We now feel proud to be in our house! You were so patient with us and kept us motivated and moving as we went through years of belongings!"

- John and Betsy G from Milwaukee, WI

"In less than 2 months, working with Organized Essentials paid for itself! With just a short investment of my time, I no longer had to look for another place to work, (the coffee shop visits were beginning to add up)."

- Bethany R, Real Estate Developer, Brookfield, WI

"It helped us to have a 'starting point.' We were able to focus in one room and take it from there. I definitely learned that working with a Professional Organizer helped to get more done in less time than it would have taken me to do it alone."

- Deb L from Brookfield, WI

"We went ahead and made the changes to our office based on the redesign drawings and suggestions you provided. The entire staff was extremely pleased with the new layout.  Thank you so much for your help!"

- Steve B from Waukesha, WI

Organized Essentials, Waukesha, WI 
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